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Space Cadet

My dad used to call me his little space cadet

Because my head is always in the cloud

Rocket girl

Pigtails peeking from fiberglass windows

I am dual citizen of planet earth and the cosmos

Didn’t you know stardust is where everything comes from

Even ideas

That planetary rings are also good

As playgrounds

That the stars can wreak havoc between my thumb and my forefinger

Body to small to fit the whole universe

But I try anyway

My dad used to call me his space cadet

To remind me to keep both feet on the ground

But that doesn’t stop me from jumping

Can’t you see how I see the

oceans are like trampolines

Mountain ranges like springs

He used to call me his space cadet

But now it’s more like captain

I leave and it is I

Who turns the ship around

To come back home

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