Sisters in Quarantine

(A Valentine's Day Poem to my sister (age 11))

exchanging glances

covert and

whisking our judgements like cookie butter

she’s definitely going home first

foresight stirred together with hindsight

and scrolling side-by-side


on tiktok

our realities brushing for moments

tagging each other mid-guffaw

our resonant laugher

increasing the amplitude of joy

and wrestled bedtime routines

hip-checking for sink access

and exchanging serums, face masks, and moisturizers

witches at the cauldron of Hyram’s beauty advice

trading tiktok gossip like m&ms

and practicing our mighty middle fingers

predictably pulled out at a moment’s notice

and overlapping classes

6th grade math in a venn diagram with 12th grade physics

and somehow we’re learning the same thing

ancient civilizations perforate the hallway between our bedrooms

and I love having you

one step,

two step

away from me

not for forever

one call

one text

one tag

and our laughter rings

at the perfect resonance

for now

for here,


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