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My Family

My family is a rocketship

And we are just crossing out the solar system

My family is thick, off-white canvas

Steady, sandpapered easel

Palette rife with battalions of color

And yes, we are six dimensional

Because they only asked for three

And we are both a painting, and a movie, and an orchestra

Because we were never told which medium

My family is noisy, and nosy

And no, we don’t interrupt,

We overlap.

Because didn’t you know

Talking is good for the soul.

And we talk often, but often write

Trading scripts, and drafts, and ripped out newspaper pieces

And my family is always poised with a pen

Because nothing is ever done

Only in progress

My family is a reality show gone academic

Like quantum computing and board games

Like AI and HGTV

My family is irrational numbers

Yes, we are unpredictable

If one week mirrored the rest

The mirror would be a galactic time piece

Bedraggled in all different hallucinogenic colors

Because one week is a one time thing

And we are random

You come orbit

And fly out of orbit

My family is medicine cabinets

And doctors fiddled in with hypochondriacs

Because we imagine every possible worst scenario

My family is the host on a survival show

As they list all the ways they could die

My family breaks the envelope, everytime we push it.

My family is neurotic with the best of them

Hapless with the worst of them

My family is open mic nights

And flops

And rabble rousing

My family is always laughing at themselves

Because it’s hard to cry when you’re laughing

And Believe us, we’ve tried

My family is museums

And sometimes we make questionable editorial choices

But always art lines our hallways

Our bodies

Always we are up for an experiment

Eager for a question

My family is a mad scientist

Composed of other mad scientists

A meta frankenstein if you will

My family is sing alouds

As loud as possible

And usually as offkey as possible

My family is musical numbers

Set to no music

And punctuated by our flailing limbs

My family is a balance beam

And we are always tipping

Between genres

My family shoots for nothing less than perfection

And we thrive in in the chase.

My family is the mail carrier who opens every letter

My family is the atheist

And the spiritualist

And the traditionalist

My family is a skyscraper and they cast a really long shadow

My family is comprised of go-getters. Of dreamers who accomplish the dream.

And we dream vividly.

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