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I dreamed you again

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

I was standing in the living room when you appeared

You stepped in as if you hadn’t unzipped space

As if death had only delayed you for a moment


I can only be here for a day, you warned me

You were dressed very smartly

Mister Rodgers crossed with tweed

The fireplace grew larger than ever

Your face was a study in the flicker of the flames

I have to tell people

Tell people that you’re here

My words rushed out of me like they always do

I remember the urgency

Even in dreams

I recognized the miracle of your arrival

But you settled your hand on my shoulder

Only for a day

You reminded me

I remembered then the guests I was to have over

But you spread your arms

In that indulgent

Capturing of joy

I always remember of you

I explained I writing poetry

A new aspect of me

You hadn’t seen yet

I’ve written about you,

I told you


There is not much I remember as the dream fades

But you told me you were proud of me

And my heart tightened as it does now

The time became superfluous

Our words indelicately pulled out to occupy hours

I was aware of the people piling in and out of the room

The flames

The tavern the living room had morphed into

Then you had to go

And we were standing by the sea

I didn’t want you to go

But I understood the gift even in dream state

As you waded back into the water

I hadn’t seen you, dreamed you in such a long time

Almost eleven years since we last spoke

Yet you were here last night and

The divine had never appeared so clearly

Somehow we occupied the same space again

In no space at all

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